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The Foundation’s library contains the documentary and biographical material collected by Josep Palau i Fabre. It includes a remarkable collection of documents relating to Picasso along with hundreds of books about the painter. The Picasso Archive, like the library, is the fruit of many years’ work undertaken by Palau i Fabre. The archive is a meticulous collection of books, catalogues, photographs and other documentary material about the life of Picasso.

It should not be forgotten that Palau i Fabre is quite possibly the world’s greatest Picasso specialist and is certainly the most prolific author of books about the artist.

Over twenty books and innumerable articles and talks over the course of about sixty years are testament to Palau i Fabre’s authority on his subject, an authority which is even more impressive when we consider the fact that his work on Picasso has not only been in the form of essays but has also included poetry and theatre productions.

The Palau Foundation’s Documentation Centre is aimed mainly at both national and international experts of Picasso's work. Its objective is to act as a Picasso monitoring centre, tracking any event (exhibitions, talks, documentaries, etc.), whether in Spain or abroad, revolving around the figure of Picasso –exactly what Palau i Fabre has been doing for years.

Along with the Picasso Archive is the library’s collection of books and magazines, etc., that Palau i Fabre has been collecting throughout his life. Highlights include the wide collection of Catalan literature (with collections such as Popular Barcelona, La Rosa dels Vents, Quaderns Literaris, A Tot Vent, and Selecta), French literature, philosophy and theatre. The archive also houses an important set of art and literature publications (e.g. Revista de Catalunya, Les Lettres Nouvelles, L’Oeil and Opus International).

The archive also includes a great number of magazines from the world of fashion and decor. The collection, put together by Palau i Oller, dates from the beginning of the last century to the 1930s and includes magazines such as Pèl i Ploma, D’Ací i d’Allà, Innen-Dekoration, and Art & Decoration. There are also copies of El Papitu, to which Palau i Oller was a contributor.

If you would like to have access to the Foundation's documentary collection, please first contact us to make an appointment.

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