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The Collection

The Foundation’s permanent collection is spread over three rooms: the Catalan Painting Room, the Picasso Room and the Contemporary Artists Room.

The Catalan Painting Room features the collection started by Josep Palau i Fabre’s father, Josep Palau i Oller, himself a painter and art collector. The collection brings together works by contemporaries of Palau i Oller. Following in his father’s footsteps, Palau i Fabre has added more recent works over the years.

The Picasso Room is a permanent exhibition showing a variety of works by Picasso spanning his early days as a painter when studying at Llotja to works from the last years of his life. Of course, this collection is the most valuable in the Foundation’s possession given that Picasso is, in the words of Palau i Fabre, “the greatest that's ever lived”.

The Contemporary Art Room exhibits works by artists such as Perejaume, Miquel Barceló and Pepe Yagües.

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