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Palau and Caldes d’Estrac

  1. 1 + Church of Santa Maria de Caldes d’Estrac
  2. 2Passeig dels Anglesos in Caldes d’Estrac

Palau's relationship with Caldes d'Estrac could be described as the result of a series of factors and circumstances.

The first thing to say is that there is something mythical about the beginning of Palau’s relationship with the town.

One day he decided to visit Caldes d'Estrac to get to know the town where two of Catalonia’s most important writers had lived for a time: Verdaguer and Maragall.

At this time he was still continuing his long search for a home for the foundation he wanted to start and he thought that this town, which he liked so much and which had already attracted the attention of two individuals whom he admired, could be the place.

That same day, after a swim at Caldes beach, he walked alongside the river up to the town council where, just like any other visitor, asked to speak to the mayor.

With the help of Josep Montanyès a subsequent meeting between Palau i Fabre, Manuel Royes (leader of the Diputació de Barcelona) and the mayor of Caldes d'Estrac, Joan Rangel, marked the start of their collaboration.

Another contributing factor was how well he got on personally with both Rangel and Royes. The latter had already demonstrated his interest in Palau's work, both on a personal and on an institutional level.

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