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Educational activities

Literary activities

Alongside the artistic workshops are two literary activities: a literary tour around Caldes taking in places associated with writers who have been linked to the town, and an activity that focuses on the poetry of the Foundation’s president, the writer and art collector Josep Palau i Fabre. The activity is available as a visit to the Foundation or as a visit and literary workshop. And finally, the Foundation offers visitors a self-guided tour around Caldes, starting at the Palau Foundation and covering the town’s most emblematic places.

A Trip through Catalan Literature of the 20th Century

Joan Maragall

The career of Josep Palau i Fabre (Catalan Award of Literary Honour 1999) is, without a doubt, that of a unique individual the like of whom we will never see again. But it is also an example of the path taken by many Catalan intellectuals and artists of the 20th century. A trip around the Palau Foundation serves as an introduction to the basic concepts which make up his work, with particular focus on the concept of alchemy, as developed in his Poemes de l’Alquimista, along with references to his work about Picasso. We also see how Palau i Fabre is a key figure illustrating the history of Catalan literature: the Civil War, going underground, exile, return and involvement in rebuilding a culture.

Levels: Second level of ESO and Bachillerato
Duration of activity: 1’30 h
Price: € 80
Number of students: 20-25 per group
Materials used: This activity comes complete with a teachers' pack.

Literary route: "Caldes d'Estrac, Pearl of Poets"

Palau i Fabre

Such major Catalan authors as Jacint Verdaguer and Joan Maragall had a close connection with the town of Caldes d’Estrac, thanks to its thermal waters and the sea. Through a guided tour of the town and a number of literary activities at several locations, we rediscover this relationship between writers and Caldetes, ending up at the Palau Foundation, home to the last of these literary figures to settle here.

Levels: this activity can be adapted to various levels
Duration of activity: 1h
Price: € 150
Number of students: 20-25 per group
Activity organised by: Anna Maluquer

The activity can serve as a supplement to the art workshops


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